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Acrylic Signs

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Frosted, Painted, and Clear Acrylic Signs Deliver Great Results

Enormously flexible in style and function, acrylic signage brings you the look you want with the functionality you expect.  The impression others have of your business improves as your brand identity is reinforced through professionally created frosted or clear acrylic signs & logos from Impact Signs.

An Acrylic Sign is available with the following options:

  • Individual Acrylic Letters – Stud-mounted directly to your wall, or with spacers to “float” the sign, individual acrylic letters produce a shadow effect that adds depth and interest.
  • Cut Acrylic Logo Signs – Your logo, laser cut from solid acrylic sheets from 1/4″ to 1″ in thickness, painted to your colors, and pin mounted to “float” each letter from the wall.
  • Metal Laminate Letters – For a handsome, elegant look, add metal, laminate faces in brushed or polished aluminum, or brushed or polished brass, to your acrylic signs.
  • Acrylic & Metal Panels – With your sign installed on an acrylic or metal panel, the depth and dimension are increased, offering an entirely different appearance. Each letter is assembled with precision on the panel which can be made from a wide variety of materials, colors and finishes.
  • Stand-Off Hardware – A variety of architectural stand-off hardware in brushed stainless steel or brass can be used to install your acrylic signs or logos.
  • Lighted Acrylic Signs – Custom acrylic signage can be backlit with LEDs to give the same feel as fine artwork hung in a gallery. It makes quite an impression.

Choose from clear acrylic signs, frosted acrylic signs, standard acrylic sheet colors,  or opt to have your acrylic logo or signage painted in your custom-matched PMS colors.

Why Choose Clear Acrylic Signs?

These might be the best choice for you because:

  • They are lightweight yet durable
  • They can be custom painted to match your Pantone colors
  • Metal laminate over acrylic letters is a cost-effective alternative to metal letters
  • Frosted acrylic logos & signs are a cost-effective alternative to etched glass

Acrylic Signs Are Perfect for Interior or Exterior Use

Whether it’s a logo or company name for the front entrance of your building or department signage for your retail store, plexiglass signs work equally well inside and out.

Looking for other options?  Whether your purpose is interior office signs or exterior business signs, you’ll find lots of possibilities with Impact Signs.

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