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Bas Relief Plaques – Bronze

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Bas Relief Plaques provide lasting tradition and legacy.

Absolutely nothing compares to a cast bronze bas relief memorial plaque. Results are a timeless investment.

  • It is artistic – an actual person, our in house sculptor, will sit with a photograph of the person and sculpt his portrait from clay, to a very exacting detail. Like any artist, our sculptor will attempt to capture the subtle expressions, feeling, and aura of the subject.
  • It is permanent – Memorial Bas relief plaques are cast in solid bronze. They will stand the test of time outdoors. Cast bronze plaques have survived since the time of the ancient Egyptians.
  • It is traditional – Bronze Bas relief plaques carry a strong sense of tradition, prestige, and legacy. After all, if the plaque is to memorialize a person, and memorialize their legacy and place in history, a bronze bas relief is the definition and standard by which all else is measured.
  • It is beautiful – The beauty of bronze is without question. A material that is both warm and rich and at the same time, hard and permanent.

Important Details on Timing for Dedications

  • Typical lead time for bas relief portraits is 6-8 weeks.
  • As we do sculpt our own molds, we can, at times, rush the process, and have done it in as little as 3 weeks. Rush fees apply.
  • Size ranges from 9″-12″ and costs between $2100 to $2750 for a single portrait  depending on the size and complexity.
  • Multiple people, such as a couple, or a group, can also be cast as a single bas relief sculpture. Additional fees apply.
  • If you need something sooner than this for a dedication, a photo relief image, or even a temporary presentation replica could be considered.
  • If you have a specific date, please let us know at the outset of the project, so we can set realistic expectations.
  • See our Bronze Plaques page for more details

We do not sell to sign companies for resale. We prefer to work directly with our clients across a wide variety of industries – including personal memorials, military, education, corporate, architects, graphic designers, and builders.

Impact Signs enjoys an international reputation for combining age-old casting techniques with state-of-the-art technology to produce high quality bronze plaques and bas relief plaques. Along with this product quality also comes unmatched customer service. Every Impact plaque is crafted to the most exacting detail, and we stand behind each of our projects with a guarantee that all of your needs will be met.

The permanence of cast bronze plaques combined with design versatility make cast bronze plaques the choice for identification, dedication, commemoration and recognition projects. When used to commemorate events and recognize people, bronze castings convey a feeling of tradition. like nothing else.

Bas Relief Plaque  – The Process.

A premium reproduction, our sculptors model a dimensional, low relief clay sculpture of the subject. Once the clay sculpture is approved, a sand mold is made and a cast metal version is produced. The cast bas-relief is hand-finished and mechanically attached to the bronze plaque background. The background is painted, and the plaque is finished to exacting standards. Finally a Diamond Shield clear protective coating is applied to the plaque for weather resistance.  Minimum size for best quality cast portraits is 6” from chin to crown. While most commonly associated with portraits, bronze bas-reliefs are also effective for depicting buildings, seals, historical vignettes and many logos. Bas-reliefs are suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Here is a series of images to give you a sense of what goes in to producing a bas relief plaque:

Original photo submitted by client for the bas relief portrait Clay mold for bas relief A Clay mold is hand sculpted by our artist based on a photograph you provide. Great attention is given to details and facial expressions to make sure the bas relief casting has as much detail as possible The clay mold, once approved by you for production, is sand casted and the bronze is poured into the mold. The bas relief is sandblasted and hand finished. This image shows the detail after a dark oxide paint is hand rubbed on the bas relief to accentuate dimension and tones. This image shows more detail of the bas relief bust portrait The bas relief sculpture is mechanically attached to the main plaque A final cast bronze plaque with bas relief image in place!

Photo Relief Bronze Plaques – A cost effective alternative

Photo Relief Bronze Plaques are a more cost effective option, where the budget does not allow for bas relief plaques. It is still a dimensional representation, and still cast in solid bronze.

Cast Bronze Photo Relief Plaque      Bronze Photo Relief Portrait for Memorial Plaque

Green Production  and Foundry

As a leader in the industry, a responsible conscience, and the honor of working with leading institutions, universities, architects, and contractors who believe in protecting the environment, all bronze plaques made by Impact! manufactured without lead and mercury. We also recycle all scrap bronze that is used in the casting process. Sand in the casting process is also re-used as many times as possible through a custom vacuum system.