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Metal Plaques

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Premium Metal Plaques Are a Durable and Beautiful Way to Honor, Memorialize and Recognize

From identifying buildings and military bases to memorializing parks and landmarks, a premium-quality metal plaque from Impact Signs serves your purpose well with beauty and longevity.

From the precise process of etching to the classic look of cast metal, you’re ensured of having a one-of-a-kind piece that you’re proud to display with or without a photo. While the metal plaque you choose is unique, we stand behind all our plaques with the same dedication to quality, including:

  • Designs in any shape with no additional charge
  • Earth-friendly processes that do not use lead or mercury alloys
  • 8 business-day turnaround (in most cases) with no rush fees
  • Brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and zinc metals in a wide range of thicknesses
  • Your choice of colors, borders, textures and finishes
  • Photo options for both etched and cast metal plaques
  • Lifetime guarantee

While indoor and outdoor plaques can have many applications, some of the most popular include use as:

  • Military Plaques – Impact Signs creates some of the most handsome markers and seals for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bases and ships around the world.
  • Memorial Plaques – When a building, event, park or other entity is marked “in memory of” a significant individual, do it with the utmost sophistication: do it with custom plaques from Impact Signs.
  • Dedication Plaques – It’s all about gratitude. Show yours to the people who have made your building or expansion possible with a permanent metal plaque for all to see. They also make great historical markers.
  • Donor Plaques – From individual plaques to entire walls, Impact Signs has some truly creative ways to honor the donors that make your progress possible.

You choose the material you prefer for your etched or cast metal plaque, including:

  • Brass Plaques – Etched with the finest level of detail, brass plaques offer brushed or polished finishes as well as paint-filled lettering.
  • Bronze Plaques – A very popular option for cast metal plaques, bronze makes a statement of history, honor and handsome good looks.
  • Stainless Steel Plaques – Offering a modern look, stainless steel plaques combine etched letters and photos with a brushed or polished finish for beautiful results.
  • Aluminum Plaques – For a more unique look, etched or cast aluminum plaques provide a finished product similar to cast bronze plaques, but incorporating silver tones.
  • Copper Plaques – Etched copper plaques offer an elegant look whether in satin or patina finish.
  • Zinc Plaques – Our most cost-effective metal plaque, zinc is available in etched plaques. Lighter than aluminum, zinc plaques can be toned to replicate the appearance of brass and bronze.

Photo and Image Options for Indoor and Outdoor Plaques

One of the most unique features of etched and cast metal plaques is their ability to accommodate photos and other images. You have 3 impressive options. First is the detail-oriented etching process that produces dot-pattern images on etched plaques. For a cast metal plaque, opt for either a sculpture-like bas relief look or the truly revolutionary photo relief collage options. The design team at Impact Signs can help you choose the look that’s best for your metal plaque.

Click the links above for complete details on each of these signs. Know exactly what you want? Get a Quick Quote today on the custom metal plaques of your choice. Have questions about the various types of metals and their best uses? We’d be happy to help. Contact us today.