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Bronze Memorial Plaques

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Bronze Memorial Plaques Create a Lasting Tribute

When it’s time to honor founders, company presidents, and benefactors, retell history in a city park, or tell the lagacy of an institution or school building, you want a memorial plaque that will last. Aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze memorial plaques offer a permanent option that’s as attractive as it is durable.

A commemorative plaque can be used for a variety of corporate, religious and educational purposes, including:

  • Memorializing a person and/or building such as a founder or historical figure.
  • Commemorating a historical event in a memorial park
  • Marking government entities such as memorial parks, buildings and roadways
  • Displaying the significance, history, or facts about a school or university building or facility.

Etched or Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques

Choose from 2 styles to give you exactly the look you desire:

Etched – With a more modern feel, an etched commemorative plaque is an excellent choice when a lighter weight marker is needed. With multiple finishes and edges to select from, Impact Signs can create exactly the plaque you want.

Cast – Both aluminum & bronze memorial plaques can be created in cast metal. This classic look with exposed metal letters against a dark background is tasteful while also customizable. Choose from a wide selection of finishes, background colors, border and edge styles, and textures.

Add a Photo or Image to a Bronze Commemorative Plaque for Greater Personalization

Both etched and cast memorial plaques give you the ability to add an image, logo or photo. With many technologically advanced processes combined with skilled artists and craftsmen, Impact Signs has the means to deliver plaques with photos that look like sketches, immensely detailed photos, and even 3-D sculptures. Images can be incorporated onto metal plaques using a variety of techniques, described below. The best method for your memorial plaque project depends on many factors, including your artwork / photo, your desired final appearance, and your budget. All images require a photograph or artwork of the subject or building.

Bas Relief Portrait Photo in Bronze

We start with your photo. A sculptor creates a clay mold of the portrait. Once you approve the clay mold, it is used to pour the bronze sculpture. The piece is then mechanically assembled to your overall plaque. Size ranges from 9″-12″ and costs between $2100 to $2750 depending on the size and complexity. Bas Relief portraits are great for outdoor bronze memorial plaques with a bust. Results are a timeless investment.

Bronze Bas Relief Photo Portrait Plaque

Photo Relief Bronze Plaques

Photo Relief Bronze Plaques can literally tell a story in a bronze image. An entire photo montage or scenery can be incorporated, including background image and portrait. It can be the entire background of the plaque, or a portion. Alternatively, the photo can be done in a portrait style with a raised border. Using innovative technology and custom craftsmanship, we etch the relief, and use a specialized paint process to achieve the texture and definition. Photo Relief can be done on bronze and aluminum plaques. The results are striking.

Cast Bronze Photo Relief Plaque

Bronze Photo Relief Portrait for Memorial Plaque

Etched Photo Plaques

Ethced photos can be assembled or integral to your bronze, brass, or stainless steel plaque. This etching process utilizes a halftone dot pattern, kind of resembling a newspaper photo. The etched and recessed dots are filled with paint to contrast with the satin bronze background. Price ranges from $300-$700

Dedication plaques with etched photos

Etched photo portrait option on Stainless Steel Memorial Plaque

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Sample Project : Memorial Plaques for a Memorial Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We designed the bronze memorial plaque layouts as follows. Great detail was given to font, and balance in the text layouts.

We produced the bronze memorial plaques, and installed them on the granite monoliths, as shown below