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New Bronze Plaques Cue the Re-Opening of the Cuban Embassy in Washington

August 21, 2015 Plaques

When the US severed ties with Cuba in 1961, it was unlikely that the ones in power knew just how long the Cold War between neighbors would last. Since the beginning of his time in office, President Obama had worked on negotiations with Cuba, continually handling new challenges and opposition. Finally on July 20, 2015, after decades of representation by a small service interests section, the US restored full diplomatic relations with Cuba and hung the Cuban flag at the Embassy.  Later that same day, Cuban officials formally opened the embassy and Conrad Tribble, Deputy Chief of Mission in Cuba, made the first call from the United States Embassy in Havana, which had not existed in 1961.

The installation of a new bronze plaque also happened at the opening ceremony, which identified the building as the embassy. The choice of using bronze plaques is an interesting one. Known for its durability and timelessness, the bronze plaque echoes the hopes of long term open communication and collaboration between governments. The plaque, in a way, represent the bedrock on which this burgeoning relationship between the US and Cuba is founded.

Many others shared in this sentiment at the Embassy and in Washington. Even Twitter was abuzz with excitement over the reveal of the new bronze plaques, with photos tweeted from news officials, Cuban immigrants, and people from around the world. Everyone was waiting as the maroon curtain was pulled aside dramatically during the ceremony. When the curtain was finally lifted, the bronze plaque made it all real.

The bronze plaques that were made for the Embassy were cast in solid bronze. Generally, the plaques are made to be between 1/4 and 5/16 thick. They can be customized in a variety of ways. The Cuban Embassy plaques were crafted with a stipple background with a solid border. They were hung with blind stud mounting on the outside of the embassy.

“It is truly an exciting time for the United States and Cuba. The road to friendship and compromise will not be an easy one, however, knowing that the first step has been made towards peace is encouraging”

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