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Custom Cast Bronze Plaques

Durable and timeless cast bronze plaques

Because they provide an image of prestige and permanence, cast bronze plaques are a popular choice for personalized memorials and dedications. Leading contractors, architects, landscape artists, law offices and corporations have trusted Impact Signs for more than 25 years to design, produce and install interior and exterior bronze plaques nationwide.

Our bronze plaques for buildings are made by our skilled craftsmen who pour molten bronze into sand molds. They combine a centuries-old technique with modern technology to create bronze plaques of unparalleled quality. Plus, our earth-friendly process doesn’t use lead or mercury alloys.

Our custom bronze plaques are available in a wide variety of options including:

  • Thicknesses from 1/4″ to 5/16″ for solid bronze and deep casts from 1 to 1.5” for larger plaques.
  • Background textures including leatherette, pebble, and stipple (sand).
  • Borders including single line, double line, beveled edge, ivy, and custom
  • Standard background colors black, brown and duranodic bronze, or any custom color match.
  • Verde patina background finish available for a distinct “greenish” look of natural aged bronze
  • Decorative rosettes and screws for mounting or blind stud mounting
  • Finishes for raised letters including brushed satin, oxidized oil rubbed, natural patina finish, and polished.
  • Photo options include bas relief portraitsphoto relief portraits and etched photos.
  • Standard stud mounts, or screw mounting available for all walls and buildings
  • Post and stake mounts are also available

Common uses for cast bronze plaques include:

  • Veteran & Military Plaques – You’ll find markers and seals created by Impact Signs on army, navy, air force and marine bases and ships around the world.
  • Memorial Plaques– When a building, event, park or other entity is marked “in memory of” a significant individual, do it with custom plaques from Impact Signs.
  • Dedication Plaques– Show gratitude to the people who have made your building or expansion possible with a permanent metal plaque.
  • Donor Plaques– From individual plaques to plaques that cover entire walls, Impact Signs will help you honor the donors that make your progress possible.
  • Bronze Bas Relief Plaques– Nothing compares to a cast bronze bas relief memorial plaque. The results are a permanent, timeless investment.
  • National Register of Historic Places Plaques and Markers– Let the world know that your house or building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places with a permanent, attractive and durable sign.
  • Address Plaques– Solid metal address and house number plaques will last outdoors forever — and welcome guests before they even enter the door.
  • Park Bench and Garden Plaques– Dedicate a park bench, tree or garden area with a small plaque made from solid cast bronze or etched in stainless steel or brass.
  • Photo Relief Plaques– Because a picture is worth a thousand words, photo relief plaques are a wonderful way to tell your story with a seamless blend of casting and photography.
  • Hall of Fame Plaques– Our high-quality hall of fame signs honor recipients and will stand the test of time.

FAQs for Outdoor Bronze Plaques

How much do bronze plaques cost?

Standard Sizes and Prices

Below is a price list for standard-size bronze plaques with text only. These prices offer a starting point, while additional options may influence the final cost:

  • 4″ x 6″ Bronze Plaque: $221
  • 8″ x 12″ Bronze Plaque: $553
  • 14″ x 18″ Bronze Plaque: $1272
  • 18″ x 24″ Bronze Plaque: $2153
  • Larger custom sizes, and custom shapes are available

Customization and Additional Features

Customizing a bronze plaque can add a personal touch to an already memorable piece. We provide a variety of options:

  • Portrait options
  • Special finishes – Choose from several patina and oxidized options for a distinct look.
  • Mounting choices – Post mounts, stake mount etc.
  • Rush production may be available with rush fees. Please ask if you need your plaque for an event.

Request a Quote

For a detailed quote considering all your customization preferences, please request a quote, and  our team will provide you with a comprehensive and competitive price, ensuring your bronze plaque meets all your criteria without compromising on quality or service.

What are the differences between bronze and brass plaques?

Bronze plaques are typically made from an alloy consisting mostly of copper and tin, while brass plaques are made from an alloy of copper and zinc. This difference in composition leads to variations in color, durability, and weight, with bronze generally being more robust and heavier, showcasing a classic reddish-brown appearance, whereas brass tends to have a lighter, more yellowish hue.

How does the durability of bronze compare to brass in plaques?

Bronze has superior resistance to corrosion, particularly when exposed to seawater or chlorides, making it a favorable material for outdoor use where weather conditions can be harsh. Brass, is more susceptible to corrosion over time, especially when exposed to high levels of moisture or certain chemicals, which can lead to surface “pitting” or tarnishing. While we do apply a protective clear coat on both brass and bronze, we typically recommend brass for indoors only.

Which material is suitable for outdoor versus indoor display?

For outdoor display, where harsh environmental factors come into play, bronze is generally the preferred choice due to its long-lasting durability and resistance to weathering. Brass plaques can be used outdoors but may require more maintenance to prevent corrosion. Again, we recommend brass for indoor use. For indoor display, both materials can be used effectively, as they are less likely to be subjected to corrosive factors.

How does the appearance of bronze and brass plaques change over time?

Bronze develops a natural patina over time—a thin layer that forms on the surface due to oxidation. This patina is often seen as a desirable feature, giving the plaque a distinguished, antiqued look. Brass, on the other hand, can tarnish and may need regular polishing to maintain its original sheen, especially if exposed to the elements.

How much does a bronze plaque weigh?

You can estimate the weight of a bronze plaque by calculating the plaque’s volume in inches (height x width x depth)  and multiplying x .31.  The depth to use would be .25″. Larger plaques over 18″ x 24″ will be deeper, but they will be cast with hollow space in the back.

For example,  a 18″ x 24″ bronze plaque calculate 18″ x 24″ x .25″ = 432 cu. inches x .31 = 33.48. So the estimated weight is about 35 lbs.

Many people are concerned about the weight of a bronze plaque and how it would hold and get installed to a wall. We provide blind stud mounts that will hold the plaque to brick, concrete, wood, and even interior drywall, even though relatively heavy, without any issue. We can also install your plaque for you nationwide



What is your standard lead time on plaques?

Our standard lead times vary depending on the type of plaque:

  • Cast plaques: 12-15 working days
  • Etched plaques: 15-20 working days
  • Photo relief plaques: 20-25 working days
  • Bas relief plaques: approximately 30 working days

Rush production options are available.

What rush production options are available on plaques?

We are happy to try to accommodate rush orders on custom office signs, if possible. Please give us the date you need the signage in hand, or installed, and we will try to accommodate. Also please fill out the quote from with your exact details before calling. Rush production fees will apply. Expedited, overnight and 2-day, shipping options are also available.

Please note that production time begins upon payment in full and an approved proof. If you approve it late or need changes, we can not guarantee the date we promised.

Will you design my plaque? Can I provide my own design?

Yes. We have some of the best, most creative plaque layout artists in the industry. If you provide the copy and images (if needed), we will design your plaque for you. Its best to provide a rough sketch, word document or PDF file of the copy you need. A deposit is required to begin the design process.

You can also provide your own art. We will need any art files in a vector AI, EPS, or PDF format, with all fonts converted to outlines. Please make sure to follow the minimum letter size rules.

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