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Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication for Your Organization

Visual communication refers to the use of visual elements to express a message, convey an idea, or improve understanding to a specific audience. It lies somewhere between graphic design  — which is primarily focused on the creation of visual content — and communication design — which is concerned with the strategic development of messaging and...

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How Signage and Wayfinding Influences Traveling

May 6, 2021 Exterior Signs

One of the first things a person should do in unfamiliar territory is to look around for a sign to help orient themselves. Many cities use a type of signage called “wayfinding” to help people — specifically travelers and tourists — familiarize themselves and navigate through foreign areas.  When it comes to practical solutions for...

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10 Must-Haves for Building an ADA Compliant Business

Compliance is something that almost all businesses are familiar with, particularly when it comes to accessibility. A few of the best ways that businesses can fulfill the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are by using clear and visible signs, having accessible entryways, and keeping websites ADA compliant.  Here are several ways to...

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How to Memorialize a Loved One in a Creative & Meaningful

April 29, 2021 Plaques

Losing a loved one is often extremely difficult for friends and family members to process mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s not uncommon for people to want to find new, meaningful ways to honor their loved ones and heroes to help keep their memory alive. There are countless ways to memorialize someone and you can use...

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What Are Building Dedication Ceremonies and How Are They Celebrated?

April 20, 2021 Plaques

There are many reasons why buildings can be dedicated to individuals, and a building dedication can be a special thing for both the recipient and the dedicator alike.  Carnegie Hall is an example of a building dedication. The music hall was dedicated to Andrew Carnegie because of his contributions to its construction. Another example is...

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Why Businesses Should Make the Switch to LED Lighting

April 19, 2021 Office Lobby Signs

Based on current trends, some reports estimate that almost 90% of light sources will be LED (light-emitting diode) by 2030. This increase is due to many different benefits, all of which businesses would be wise to consider in the interest of cost-efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, and more.  In addition to general overhead lighting, businesses may use...

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Honoring Our Heroes: A Guide to U.S. War Veteran Memorials and Monuments

April 19, 2021 Plaques Resources

American culture embraces honoring and recognizing veterans, the wars they fought in, and their service contributions. Veterans make significant sacrifices to protect our country, and commemorative practices are a good method for recognizing those efforts. Some commemorations are large, formal, and nationally recognized while others are smaller and tucked away. There are a number of...

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Conference Room Dedication Plaque for Amphenol Aerospace

January 26, 2021 Plaques

Many who visit Amphenol Aerospace’s updated manufacturing facility in Sydney, New York are bound to be greeted with this conference room dedication plaque honoring Rick Aiken, namesake of The Rick Aiken Conference Room. We are honored to have made that possible. The etched stainless steel plaque we created for Amphenol Aerospace features a full color...

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