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Unique Lobby Sign Ideas for a Striking First Impression

July 4, 2024 Office Lobby Signs

First impressions matter, and nowhere is this truer than in your office lobby! As the initial point of contact for visitors, clients, and employees, your lobby sets the tone for their entire experience. A well-designed lobby sign welcomes guests, confirms they’ve arrived at the right place, and also showcases your brand’s personality and values. In...

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Innovative Signage Solutions for Modern Spaces

June 20, 2024 Office Lobby Signs

Have you ever stopped to think about how important signage is in our daily lives? We’re constantly surrounded by signs, whether we’re navigating a bustling city, shopping at our favorite store, or exploring a trendy new building. In today’s world, signage is so much more than just a way to convey information. It’s a chance...

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Why Businesses Should Make the Switch to LED Lighting

April 19, 2021 Office Lobby Signs

Based on current trends, some reports estimate that almost 90% of light sources will be LED (light-emitting diode) by 2030. This increase is due to many different benefits, all of which businesses would be wise to consider in the interest of cost-efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, and more.  In addition to general overhead lighting, businesses may use...

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Custom laser cut metal sign for Panasonic Factory Solutions Office Lobby in Chicago

Among many other electronic innovations, Panasonic is known for their televisions. And these days, everyone expects their televisions to display sports or the latest binge-worthy Netflix series with laser sharp detail. So when Panasonic Factory Solutions’ Chicago office needed a new lobby sign, they wanted a laser cut metal sign as sharp and precise as...

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Telerik Develops New Signage with Impact Signs

November 3, 2014 Office Lobby Signs

Developing an app is a lot of work. If you have any collaborators it’s important to be able to save work and let people work on it in their own time and space. Even if you’re around each other 24/7 it’s still important to keep everything in one place. A good system lets everyone stay...

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