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Understanding the Patina on Bronze Plaques

January 29, 2024 Bronze Plaques Resources

The Transformative Beauty and Protection of Patina – Embracing the Journey Bronze has been a preferred material for plaques and statues over centuries, not only for its strength and durability but also for the natural phenomenon that occurs over time: patina. This blog post delves into the world of patina formation on outdoor bronze plaques,...

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Trace Design – Gayety Theater Etched Bronze Plaque – Boston

February 21, 2014 Bronze Plaques

“Boston’s most modern playhouse: A model of comfort.” When the Gaiety Theatre (later renamed Gayety Theatre) opened in 1908 not many people realized it was constructed in only 5 months time. This experimental architecture utilized “cheaper materials for good effect.” The standard for buildings at the time were stone, masonry, brick, and/or wood or steel....

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The Legacy Project Chicago – Bronze Memorial Photo Plaques

October 8, 2012 Bronze Plaques Plaques

“It’s rather “off-the-scale” actually.  Beyond my best expectations.  You all did a beautiful job.”  – Victor Salvo, Founder and Executive Director of The Legacy Project The Legacy Project is a series of historic bronze plaques and kiosks on Halsted Street in Chicago. It is an educational and architectural project showcasing the extraordinary achievements of notable...

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Historical Bronze Plaque in Chicago – Lee Pelty

September 22, 2012 Bronze Plaques Plaques

This bronze plaque, designed and produced by Impact Signs, was installed on the Chicago Row House on Lincoln Ave where Pelty lived for 38 years. Historical Bronze plaques such as these serve a great architectural purpose, to educate, memorialize, and add vibrancy and character to the city’s architecture. The photo is done by a method...

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Bronze City Plaques [San Francisco Bay Area]

September 6, 2012 Bronze Plaques

City of Shasta Lake – Cast Bronze Seals – Ok, so its not really that close to the San Francisco Bay Area, but most people don’t know where Shasta Lake is.  Take a moment to look up the location, it is extremely beautiful. And any trip to the Bay Area warrants a trip up north……..but...

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Bronze Bas Relief Portrait on Memorial Plaque

August 25, 2012 Bronze Plaques

This bas relief portrait plaque was made by Impact Signs for the Rocky Mountain Corporation in Denver, CO to memorialize the founder of the company, Melvin I. Greene. While budget does come into play in the decision process,  nothing matches the beauty and permanence of a bronze bas relief portrait. It is a chance to...

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How Changes in Temperature Can Affect Your Bronze Memorial Plaque

January 5, 2012 Bronze Plaques

Most bronze memorial plaques are designed to have a high tolerance for extreme temperature fluctuations. Normal temperature changes in most climates, indoors or outdoors, will have no adverse effect upon these signs. Of course, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes can damage bronze plaques, but extreme temperature changes alone will usually not cause...

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Bronze Memorial Plaques Tell Story of Tulsa Race Riots

January 1, 2012 Bronze Plaques

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) October 31, 2010, Article: The mostly untold story of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots now has a permanent voice at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park in Tulsa. The park features a majestic 25-foot-tall bronze tower encircled by 12 large bronze memorial plaques that faithfully recount what ignited, and transpired during and after,...

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Appropriate Uses for Bronze Memorial Plaques

December 15, 2011 Bronze Plaques

Bronze memorial plaques are a long-lasting way to keep special memories alive Because they are so distinctive and distinguished, bronze memorial plaques ensure that the dedication and remembrance will be recognized far into the future. Plaques are “identity investments” and can be used for various dedication purposes.  Some examples of ways in which plaques are often...

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