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Trace Design – Gayety Theater Etched Bronze Plaque – Boston

February 21, 2014 Bronze Plaques

“Boston’s most modern playhouse: A model of comfort.” When the Gaiety Theatre (later renamed Gayety Theatre) opened in 1908 not many people realized it was constructed in only 5 months time. This experimental architecture utilized “cheaper materials for good effect.” The standard for buildings at the time were stone, masonry, brick, and/or wood or steel. This iron, glass, cement, and steel six-story building set new precedents for opportunities in construction materials. The theatre was considered at the time by the Boston Globe to be: “Well lighted, well ventilated, and up-to-date in all respects.”

etched bronze dedication plaque

A unique look for a unique past

In honor of its pioneering spirit, Impact Signs suggested an Etched Bronze plaque for the dedication / recognition plaque. Customarily for dedications, the look you think of is the sturdy, thick cast bronze style. The Etched bronze plaque style gave this dedication project a modern look and bucked the trend, just like the building did in the 1900’s!  Adding a halftone image of an original construction drawing finished the look for the informative plaque.

etched bronze dedication plaque

A cast plaque is molten bronze or aluminum ingot poured into a sand mold. It features raised bronze letters and a recessed (and typically painted) background.

An etched plaque is chemically etched on a solid plate of metal. The letters are recessed and paint filled. The background is the metal (bronze, brass, stainless steel or copper) typically with a brushed finish. Another benefit to bronze is Etched or Cast bronze memorial plaques are designed to have a high tolerance for extreme temperature fluctuations. Little maintenance is required to keep up the lasting finish, in some instances over time a highly sought patina will begin to form.

The spirit of the theatre!

In the spirit of the theater Trace Design wanted to reflect the modern appeal that the building would have had for its patrons in the early 20th century. Developing this plaque idea to honor the now demolished building was important to the city and theater history. The Impact Signs team will work with you to develop the right ‘spirit’ for your next dedication project!



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