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Bronze City Plaques [San Francisco Bay Area]

September 6, 2012 Bronze Plaques

City of Shasta Lake – Cast Bronze Seals – Ok, so its not really that close to the San Francisco Bay Area, but most people don’t know where Shasta Lake is.  Take a moment to look up the location, it is extremely beautiful. And any trip to the Bay Area warrants a trip up north……..but I digress. I won’t say that anyone that goes up to Shasta should go check out the new 5 foot diameter bronze Plaques we created for their new Village Hall, because who would do that?  Only me I guess, so I posted some images here for you to see.

5 foot bronze plaque with letters

City Seal and Lettering in Cast Bronze

These are solid bronze plaques, with the city name and seal cast in the bronze. The raised areas have a satin finish, and the background is a bronze oxide color. This is to date, the largest single bronze seal we have created.

The building project was developed by Lakmann Construction, and we were thankful for the opportunity to be able to work on this project with them. Installation of the large 5 foot diameter bronze seals was handled by them, into a recessed cavity set in on the stone building. You will also notice oxidized bronze letters, also made by Impact Signs, carefully installed by Lakmann on the irregular stone facade. Now that is a lot of difficult holes drilled (maybe only people in the industry would notice, or be impressed by this)

oxidized bronze cast letters

Your logo, our replication

The logo art was carefully reproduced, and you will notice the attention to detail in the mountain shapes. Casting artwork into molten poured bronze can be difficult, especially if the art is detailed or halftone. The plaque team was able to convert their shapes into usable forms that will be picked up in the cast bronze while also maintaining the integrity of the brand.

A Whole Idea in Bronze

This plaques project included one large outdoor city seal bronze plaque with oxidized cast bronze lettering, two smaller bronze seals were also installed inside in the council chambers, and a set of lettering was installed on the rotunda cap. I just had to make this trip to the Bay Area, and up to Shasta Lake……… go see and get photos of the plaques and signage of course 🙂


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