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New Signs Demonstrate Values at O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc.

January 15, 2024 Office Lobby Signs

A Mission / Vision Project to Respect the Past and See the Future!

The importance of place cannot be overstated when it comes to O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc. Their setting in Wyoming County, NY near the Genesee River has everything to do with their business, including their name. O-AT-KA is from the Seneca Native Americans and means leaving the “highlands” or approaching an opening. The river is the opening and the surrounding area is the highlands. Their home was carefully chosen and it is this setting that informs many of their day to day operational decisions. It was this connection to the land that created their mission of taking care of their natural environment. They have taken great strides in wastewater management and use new technology to fuel their boiler system with methane gas produced on site. In addition, their facility is 100% landfill free with the use of a comprehensive recycling system.

It was also the connection to the area that drove O-AT-KA to not only take care of their environment, but to also focus on their employees. When the cooperative started in 1959, they had just five workers. Over time and with a focus of providing employment and security to the people in their community, they now employ over 300.
The company makes it a point that everyone they do business with understands their mission, vision and core values. O-AT-KA says, “…we are always dedicated to doing the right thing. Our success comes from quality people, quality products and quality service.” To this end, they recently had new signs created and installed on their property, from the corporate offices to the plant.

Frosted glass panel with corporate vision statement

Frosted Acrylic with UV Full Color Graphics


Many Material Options Available for your Mission / Vision Statement Project

These signs were part of a 16 sign project that spanned multiple locations including the O-At-Ka main office building and their manufacturing location.  The signs are made of frosted glass and acrylic. The Etched glass signs were sandblasted and etched, then painted in O-At-Ka corporate colors. The acrylic signs have full color UV graphics printed onto the face. O-AT-KA’s mission and vision, as well as their core values were included on the signs and they were affixed with brass stand offs. It is evident from the placement of the signs that the core values of O-AT-KA are more than just words to the company. The signs are a constant reminder to live those values daily. This is something that Impact Signs shares with O-AT-KA and we are proud to have created a tangible link to those values.

What Vision Do You Have for Your Mission Statement?

Email us a copy of your mission or vision statement and we can help develop a sign project that will inspire and engage your employees and visitors to your location. These are suitable for interior or exterior use and can be made in a variety of colors and materials including glass, acrylic, and even metal panels.  Many sizes and shapes are available and the project will be tailored to your needs. Let us know how we can help you project your vision here!


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