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How To Refurbish and Restore A Bronze Memorial Plaque

December 15, 2011 Plaques Resources

A Maintenance Plan for Lasting Shine

Because bronze is a copper alloy, time and weather conditions cause bronze plaques to become dull and eventually form a green patina on the surface. While some people like the look of an aged bronze plaque, many would prefer to keep it looking the way it did on the day it was purchased.  A simple cleaning process can refurbish the plaque to restore its like-new finish.  Using a few simple materials, you can keep the plaque looking great for many years.

  • Begin by wiping dust and dirt off the plaque with soft cotton cloths. Use cotton swabs to remove debris that has accumulated within crevices and grooves.  It’s best to avoid touching the bronze with your hands, if at all possible. The oil from your skin can increase the level of discoloration from oxidation.
  • If the plaque is mounted on a wooden or stone base, wipe the base down with a wet cloth.
  • Now that the plaque is free of dirt and grime, it’s time to tackle the discoloration. Create a paste by mixing together equal parts of flour and salt in a small container, adding a few drops of vinegar until the mixture has a consistency that is similar to toothpaste.
  • Rub this mixture onto the bronze plaque with a small soft cotton cloth. Continue rubbing as needed to restore the original shine. Dry with a clean dry cloth.
  • Once dry, apply a thin even layer of paste wax to the bronze memorial plaque. Let the wax dry for half an hour, then buff it with a clean dry cloth.  Continue buffing until the plaque shines. Repeat if necessary.

Occasionally dusting your bronze memorial plaque can help slow down the natural oxidation process, but it won’t prevent it completely.  To keep the plaque in a state of maximum beauty for years to come, just follow this cleaning and waxing procedure once a year as a maintenance routine.

Need a Heavier Refinishing Option?

We can also professionally refurbish your bronze plaques for you. We can handle the removal and reinstallation nationwide, as well if you need that service. Please contact us for a quote on professional bronze plaque refurbishing.

Professional Refinishing Bronze Plaque Service

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