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Non-Profit “Every Village” Builds Wells, Changes Lives

October 10, 2014 Plaques

We’ve all seen scenes of villages in South Sudan and other troubled areas in the world and wanted to do something about it. However, there’s a sense that you just won’t be able to do anything no matter what you do. It’s a helpless feeling that can leave you troubled the more you think about it.

In many of these villages, people (usually women) are required to walk for miles every single day to get clean water. Drinking the water they have is unthinkable considering how disease-ridden it is or there just is no water to be found period. Walking all this way every day just for the basics means that they have to skip out on basic education or going to church.

Non-profit group Every Village wants to change that. They are actively installing wells in villages like these, focusing on the South Sudan. This would give the inhabitants of these villages freedom to do other things with their lives instead of focusing on trying to survive each day. This non-profit is trying to change the world one village at a time.

However, this takes a lot of money. As a non-profit they need every dollar they can get for these wells. This means that if you contribute to their cause you can directly see the results of your aid as you will literally change lives, and quickly.

On top of the wells, Every Village will install an etched stainless steel donor recognition plaque dedicated to each community. Each plaque will be made by Impact Signs and individualized to honor the work Every Village is doing as well as the village the well is in.

every village 2

We were honored to be a part of Every Village’s noble effort.

I really appreciate the work that Impact Signs did for us. The plaques were high quality, very durable, and looked impressive. We drill water wells for some of the neediest villages of South Sudan and these plaques allow the communities to recognize the source of their new wells. Not only do the plaques communicate the names of the donors but also the mission of our organization allowing even deeper connection in these areas. We thank Impact Signs for enabling us to present this message of life impact with such visual impact. – Andrew Brown, Every Village

Want to help? Head on over to Every Village’s website and help them reach their goals. Each well costs anywhere from $15,000 to $17,500 to make so they have a long way to go. Every little bit counts, so don’t feel like you can’t contribute.

Let’s all help this great group of people change the world one village and well at a time!

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