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Stainless Steel Photo Plaques – Santa Monica Beach Stories, Los Angeles California

October 21, 2012 Plaques

Impact Signs was proud to produce these etched stainless steel plaques from a marine grade, alloy 316 stainless steel to be able to withstand the Los Angeles ocean coastal environment, and also the many tourists and locals alike who will visit the beach and read the stories on the plaques. (Not sure if the tourists hands or salt water would be considered the bigger threat?) The plaques are in prominent places along the beach and provide a historical background to some of the places, events, and people that shaped the famous Santa Monica Beach.

Beach stories text on etched stainless steel plaque

Very detailed photos reproduced in halftone dot matrix pattern

Each plaque tells a unique interesting story and includes a detailed photograph. Stories were gathered from lifelong residents, tourist visitors, and beach-goers of all types. The plaques were developed to tell the stories that brings the life, and fame, to the Santa Monica beach.  The graphic designer paired detailed photographs with the stories to give a full representation of the past event. The dot-matrix style on the photos was used to enhance the ‘historical’ feel by seeming to be like an image from a turn of the century newspaper article.


More Images and More Stories

We all have memories from that one time in the past that never leave us. Whether you’re at the beach or at home with your family, you can almost touch the details that are printed in your brain. In order to show the quality of a memory, graphic design and images were critical to the project. Along with the design, the material that was chosen for the signs was important. Not only was it critical for the harsh environment where it was installed, but the modern grey of the stainless steel also leant back to the ‘old newspaper’ feel that the designer was looking for. Working with the design team, Impact was able to determine the best material, size, and specifications for the sign to give the most lasting quality while matching the vision of the project.

Etched Stainless Steel halftone Dot matrix image

custom images and text on etched stainless steel plaque

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For more information on the project location, see here 



Written by: Shabbir Moosabhoy ; Edited by: Shannon Fry

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