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UBM Studios New York Business Sign – Custom Bronze

A Corporate Office Design Story

You can’t improve on perfection, so when UBM Studios needed the perfect corporate signage for the lobby of its New York headquarters, it asked Impact Signs to create a work of art from its logo. We proposed dark oxidized and verde patina bronze for UBM’s business sign in New York.

Dimensional Office Logo Sign in Bronze Patina

The artists at Impact Signs developed a design that was true to UBM’s stylized “U” logo, but figuring out how to do it was a puzzle. For one thing, the Impact Signs designers had to choose just the right scale for the building’s soaring ceilings. Then, finding the right placement on the wall was a visual challenge. And the installation — you think it’s easy, stud mounting 34 pieces of flat metal to a curved surface? Let’s just say it wasn’t your everyday corporate sign install. The business signs New York designers create couldn’t be any more challenging.

Patina Bronze Office Sign

But the people at Impact Signs are artisans who make it look easy. The end result is an extraordinary interpretation of UBM’s brand identity: a 48″ tall, natural metal sculpture of the familiar UBM Studios logo. The sign is lit by loft-style track lighting, and its metal shapes cast shadows on the mushroom-colored lobby wall.

Logo Design v Custom Execution

In the execution of the design, the warm patina of verde bronze meets cool modern style in a sophisticated take on UBM’s logo. The 24 hand-finished bronze disks bring a contemporary touch to a sign for a hip company. UBM Studios is the global leader in digital marketing solutions, creating and hosting virtual communities and events. That’s right; they’re the cool kids you’re always hearing so much about. UBM Studios has offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Custom Office Bronze Patina Sign

The studio’s name, with its blend of upper and lowercase letters, is crafted in dark, oxidized bronze letters. Just like the dots that make up the “U”, the lettering for the “UBM Studios” part of the sign comes straight from the UBM logo. The natural metal finish and 3-D structure take the two-dimensional logo and reinvent it.

Written by: Shabbir Moosabhoy     Edited by: Shannon Fry

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