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How Changes in Temperature Can Affect Your Bronze Memorial Plaque

January 5, 2012 Bronze Plaques

Most bronze memorial plaques are designed to have a high tolerance for extreme temperature fluctuations. Normal temperature changes in most climates, indoors or outdoors, will have no adverse effect upon these signs. Of course, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes can damage bronze plaques, but extreme temperature changes alone will usually not cause a problem.  After all, we heat the bronze to between +500º – +750º during casting – so hopefully it can handle some stress!

Garden Bronze Plaque Memorial

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night…”

Just like the post office, your outdoor use bronze plaque is asked to withstand anything the Earth may throw its way. Ask your salesperson about any temperature or weather issues that we should be aware of when purchasing your sign. If there are any weather or temperature problems associated with your bronze plaques, ask for details and be sure to get any maintenance instructions to effectively deal with potential problems.

Bronze Plaque in wetland forest

Weather is changing, but patina can be pretty!

While we work hard to develop coatings and manufacturing processes that help keep your bronze plaque outdoors over time, we are noticing the effects of changes in the weather which some of our standard solutions are not able to hold steadfast. Bronze plaques may eventually develop a greenish patina on its surface from exposure to moisture and air. Keeping the plaque clean and free of dust slows this process, and patina can be removed if it does develop. Sometimes people PREFER the patina and purchase the additional cost for us to ‘pre-patina’ the plaque to make it seem like it’s lived there forever already!

patina on marine plaque

Find the right fit: Plaque + Environment

Wherever your outdoor plaque will call its ‘forever home’ we can help you choose the correct material for the job. While bronze is considered the traditional choice for plaques, we have cast aluminum, etched stainless, and some UV panel options that could best suit the temperatures and climates that will effect your plaque over time. Contact us to determine the best plaque for your memorial.

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