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How To Word A Dedication For A Bronze Memorial Plaque

December 15, 2011 Bronze Plaques Resources

Words to Remember:

Memorial plaques often mark the graves of loved ones, but they can also be used to dedicate other areas, such as parks, buildings and areas that want to honor the memory of someone who made a significant impact upon that area.  If a bronze memorial plaque will be created by the family of someone who has passed away, it is often part of the healing process for the entire family to help write the dedication. If the memorial plaque is being created for a building or other area site, the group or committee in charge of the site will usually craft the dedication.  In either case, a few standard guidelines will make it easy to word the dedication properly.

Etched Dedication Plaque

Plaque wording basics:

  • Several phrases are usually considered to begin the dedication such as “In Memory of”, “In Loving Memory”, “Dedicated to the Memory of”, “In Honor of”, “Forever in Our Hearts”, etc.
  • Of course, the full name of the person being memorialized follows the opening phrase, as well as the person’s common nickname if there was one.
  • The span of the person’s life is usually expected next. This may be a simple year span, such as 1940 – 2010, or can include a full description such as, “Born: December 12, 1940. Died: March 22, 2010.”
  • The rest of the dedication becomes more personal, and is often best decided upon by close friends or family. This section might include the deceased’s favorite quote or a motto by which he or she lived.  It may relate an important or interesting fact about the person’s life, or list one or two accomplishments that he or she achieved.
  • If the plaque is related to the deceased’s involvement with a building or area, information is often given to show how the deceased contributed to the project, or what influence or impact the deceased had on the area.  This may also include a brief summary of the history of, or importance of, the building or area on which the plaque will be placed.

By combining pertinent facts with brief personal details about the deceased, the dedication plaque can capture and preserve a small part of the spirit of the person being remembered.

Bronze Memorial Plaque
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