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Lincoln Police Department Honors a Fallen Hero with Bas Relief Plaque

April 16, 2014 Plaques

Some plaques are harder to make than others. While we treat each job separately and as seriously as we can, some take on an even deeper meaning here at Impact Signs.

Such was the case with the bas relief dedication plaque we created for Officer Sean A. Collier. Sean became the youngest Auxiliary Sergeant in the history of the Somerville Police Department, helping him gain ground on fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a full-time police officer. In 2013 he began his job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) keeping the campus safe.

Sadly, Officer Collier was killed in the line of duty during the Boston bombing manhunt. It was one of many shocking events during that chilling period in 2013 many would like to forget.

The Lincoln Police Department, however, wants everyone to remember Officer Collier. While his time there was brief, he was still a valued member of the force. They wanted a plaque to memorialize his time with them and his service as a police officer.

Here is the result:

Officer Collier's Plaque

As you can see, the design they wanted was simple yet evocative. Officer Collier’s portrait pops out of the black background, capturing one of his proudest moments in time forever. The plaque also memorializes his time at the Lincoln Police Department before he moved onto the MIT PD, as well as the day he was killed in the line of duty.

We’ve done memorial plaques before, but hauntingly fresh ones like Officer Collier’s are a little different. It’s a reminder that there are real people behind the faces we see on the signs, with families who love and care about them. Their families and loved ones come to view these memorials and hopefully feel a sense of closure when they see that their loved one’s life, and his sacrifice, has been honored for the world to see.

Close Up of Officer Collier

If you want to honor Officer Sean Collier’s memory, consider giving to the Sean Collier Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship, created by the Somerville Auxiliary Police Department, helps young people in Somerville achieve their dreams much in the way Sean did when he entered the police force.

In another act of remembrance, Sean was posthumously sworn-in by the Somerville Board of Alderman and assigned badge #310, fulfilling his lifetime dream. This number was immediately retired.

Written by Shabbir Moosabhoy

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