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Telerik Develops New Signage with Impact Signs

November 3, 2014 Office Lobby Signs

Developing an app is a lot of work. If you have any collaborators it’s important to be able to save work and let people work on it in their own time and space. Even if you’re around each other 24/7 it’s still important to keep everything in one place. A good system lets everyone stay together even as they go their separate ways.

The Telerik platform does all this and much more. Not only does it let you use the cloud to tremendous advantage, it also tracks user and app behavior to help you perfect your program. Considering how big the app industry is, it’s important to put out the absolute best product you can.

A company that looks into the future like Telerik needs office signage that reflects that kind of culture. Before anyone walks into the front door they should have an understanding of what kind of forward-thinking company they’re dealing with. They have a great logo and deserve amazing signage to go along with it.


Here you can get a good look at the front door and the sign we installed on it. It’s an interesting and striking logo, and our front door installation reflects it. The vinyl letters on the glass door are placed perfectly in line with a visitor’s eyeline. The green of the logo pops out amazingly which also helps the white of the name and slogan stand out clearly.

But that wasn’t all we did! Inside the offices of Telerik we also installed this fabulous piece:


While the outside sign needed to pop out to passerbys, the signage inside the office had to be more subtle. It also had to blend in with the color scheme of dark colors and greens you can see on the ceiling and floor.

The 1” thick laser cut lobby signage is big enough to remind everyone where they are  – a company dedicated to igniting creativity and sparking the minds of the future – but small enough not to overdo it. Again the green of the acrylic logo really makes everything else stand out, but this time in a different way. The black of the name and slogan gives the office a more official, business-like feel.

We always admire companies that are helping the minds and business owners of tomorrow. That’s why we enjoyed working with Telerik and aiding in developing their new signage. We hope to see Telerik mentioned in lots of discussions in the app community going forward!


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