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Bronze Dedication Plaques

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Bronze Dedication Plaques Provide a Permanent Way to Beautifully Dedicate Buildings to Honor Significant People

Whether you’re constructing a facility for future use or recognizing historical significance, a dedication plaque from Impact Signs offers a genuine way to express sincere gratitude to those who made it all possible. Building dedication & historical plaques are prominent parts of most ceremonies. At the ribbon-cutting, make sure your building is adorned with a gorgeous cast aluminum or cast bronze marker.

Just a few of the most common uses include:

  • Memorial plaques depicting a photo of the person whom the building is dedicated in memory of
  • Donor recognition plaques honoring those who have given of their time and money
  • Historical plaques that educate on the significance of the people and events that took place in a building
  • Historical & Dedication Plaques Offer a Traditional or Modern Look

When you seek a plaque with traditional appeal, cast bronze and cast aluminum, as well as glass plaques can’t be beat. With a rich background color offset by raised metal letters, these plaques are impressive to say the least.

Or, you may prefer the more contemporary look of an etched dedication plaque. With brushed or polished background, etched plaques display recessed letters and images for a more modern finished product.

Let our team of experienced designers work with you to create a plaque that is beautiful today and for decades to come. You have a broad list of finishes, background colors, border and edge styles, and textures to customize the look of your etched or cast metal sign.

Personalize Your Dedication Plaques with Photos

Bas Relief Photos
Starts with your photo, but the end result resembles a 3-dimensional clay-sculpted model. This re-creation is then incorporated into the design of your cast bronze plaque. Standard overall height of 6″ to 9″ with a finished depth of 3/4″ to 1″.

Photo Relief Images
The perfect solution when you need bronze plaques that tell a story with photos and words. Photo Relief is a revolutionary new process that combines metal casting and photography. Use a single picture or create a collage for maximum impact. In sizes from 40″ to 64″.

Etched Photos
When an etched historical plaque is what you prefer, we can accommodate. By using a chemical process, photos and other images are replicated using a dot-pattern method that results in pictures that resemble newspaper halftones.

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We understand that ceremonies always have tight deadlines. You’ll be glad to know that most building dedication & historical plaques have delivery times of only 8 days. Need it quicker? Ask about rush jobs. The first step is requesting your Quick Quote. Complete the simple form now for fast turnaround on project pricing.