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Veterans and Military Plaques

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Honor Veterans & Identify Bases, Monuments, and Memorial Parks with Custom Military Plaques

It takes a special breed of person to serve in our nation’s military. Pride, service and loyalty are characteristics most patriots and veterans have in common. With a willingness to give the ultimate sacrifice, these heroes deserve recognition in memorial parks, embassies, bases, and buildings  – as they ensured the rest of us retain the liberties our Constitution guarantees.

A Veterans Memorial Military Plaque is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and works wonderfully for many purposes, including:

  • Dedicating buildings and/or ships to veterans
  • Identifying an installation, base, war memorial or park with Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines Seals
  • Plaques for Veterans Memorials in Parks and Buildings
  • Honoring fallen servicemen and women
  • And much more

Impact Signs is standing by with all Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine logos for use on your military plaques, seals and markers in sizes ranging from 8″ to 48″ in diameter. We can produce all of the following, and more with custom designs.

  • Army Plaques and Seals
  • Navy Plaques and Seals
  • Air Force Plaques and Seals
  • Marine Corps Plaques and Seals
  • Coast Guard Plaques and Seals
  • Etched or Cast Military Plaques

Two handsome styles are available for the military. Bronze plaques as well as those made from copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel are crafted to the most exacting specifications with impeccable attention to detail.

Etched – Lighter in weight and offering a more contemporary appearance, etched military plaques are completely customizable. Choose from multiple finishes and edges and the expert craftsmen at Impact Signs can deliver exactly the plaque you want.

Cast – Cast markers offer a more traditional look more commonly used with the military. Bronze plaques and aluminum plaques can both be developed in cast metal. You’ll see the striking results of metal letters against a dark background. Customizable to your preferences, cast metal plaques can include several finishes, background colors, border and edge styles, and textures.

Photos & Images create a unique tribute for veterans

Regardless of which type of military plaque you choose, you can personalize your order further by adding images or photos to etched and cast plaques. As leaders in the military plaque industry, Impact Signs is capable of using different advanced technologies to achieve a wide variety of looks. Whether you want a photo with a sketch-like appearance or a fully molded and sculpted head added to your plaque, you’ll be pleased with the work Impact Signs provides. We can also do a collage of images in a Photo-Relief for the background of the plaque. See the Aluminum Plaques and Bronze Plaques pages for more details.

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