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Bronze Bas Relief Portrait on Memorial Plaque

August 25, 2012 Bronze Plaques

This bas relief portrait plaque was made by Impact Signs for the Rocky Mountain Corporation in Denver, CO to memorialize the founder of the company, Melvin I. Greene. While budget does come into play in the decision process,  nothing matches the beauty and permanence of a bronze bas relief portrait. It is a chance to combine the enduring distinction of bronze, with the legacy, memory, prestige, and honor of a founder, donor, visionary, leader, or loved one.

Custom Border Bronze Plaque with Bas Relief Image Sculpture

Bas Relief: Hand made artistry to last a lifetime

Bas relief (bah’ruh-leef) – a French term that means “low-raised work.” This art, combined with “high relief” is known as relief sculpture. It is meant to be viewed from one direction as opposed to sculpture meant to be viewed in the round.

We start with a photograph that you provide. Although we can use almost any quality photograph, the better the image the better the modeling effort. Our in house artist /sculptor creates a clay model, an image of which is sent to you via email for your comments or approval. When approved, the clay model is used for the bronze casting process.  While the clay model is a monotone, the finished bronze casting contains highlights, applied via our exclusive hand finishing / staining process.  The bas relief is mechanically attached to the  background of the bronze memorial plaque. Typically the overall height ranges from 6″ to 12″ with a finished variable depth of 3/4″ to 1″.

Bas Relief Detail

A unique sculpture for many image types

While most commonly associated with bust portraits of people, bas reliefs are also effective for depicting buildings seals, historical vignettes and many logos.

A bas relief is cost dependent on the size and other factors including detail and image type. Lead time is typically 8 weeks. Please contact us to talk about how bas relief can work for you!

Bronze Bas Relief Detail
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