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Appropriate Uses for Bronze Memorial Plaques

December 15, 2011 Uncategorized

Bronze memorial plaques are a long-lasting way to keep special memories alive. Because they are so distinctive and distinguished, bronze plaques ensure that the dedication and remembrance will be recognized far into the future. Plaques are “identity investments” and can be used for various dedication purposes.  Some examples of ways in which plaques are often used include:

  • Corporate memorial plaques are often created to recognize the contributions that a corporation has made to society. These plaques may include a short history of the corporation.
  • Building memorial plaques typically focus on celebrating the construction of a new important and significant building, or they preserve the memory of a historical building that has stood the test of time.
  • Dedication plaques will dedicate a building or location to the memory of a person who was a vital part of that location. For some, a donor will be the reason for the dedication, while for others, someone who made a non-financial impact on the location will be honored.
  • Grave markings, of course, are plaques that mark the memory of a loved one who is interred in that location. These types of memorial plaques are a beautiful way to remember a special person who has passed.
  • Personal memorial plaques may be used in numerous ways. Perhaps a son or daughter chooses to honor parents by presenting them with a lovely plaque, or a family may create a dedication plaque to someone who has accomplished a goal. Common goals include college graduations and career advancements.
  • Religious plaques often serve as a community information sign, describing the tenets and beliefs of the religious organization, and including the goals for its service in the community.

For stable, permanent and beautiful dedications, a bronze memorial plaque will be a special investment that ensures the remembrance of a person or place.

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