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Corporate Signage and Branding – Stratford Fidelity, Minneapolis

December 24, 2011 Office Lobby Signs

A Sign Plan for a Financial Planner

Stratford Fidelity, an executive and physician benefit solutions provider, recently adorned its walls with the ultimate in informational corporate signage.

The company, known for its industry dominance serving top-tier executives, would settle for nothing but state-of-the-art office signage to carry various messages throughout its Minneapolis, Minn. campus. Enter graphics visionary Hans Design and innovative signage manufacturers Impact Signs.


Stratford Corporate Information Panel Sign

A Fresh Look for Office Marketing

When Impact considered the long-term appeal of the marketing signs, its designers chose to incorporate the durable timelessness of acrylic and aluminum. Hans Design’s full-color graphics were reverse laminated to the back of acrylic panels, then secured to the walls either with round aluminum offsets or, in some cases, top and bottom rails.

Stratford Corporate Panel Marketing


Custom Corporate Dry Erase Board

One of the several-foot-wide panels serves an ingenious function. Rather than place a typical white dry erase board in Stratford Fidelity’s distinguished board room, Hans Design came up with a custom dry erase board that overlays a black-and-white map of the country with Stratford Fidelity’s offices marked.

Stratford Corporate Graphics Dry Erase Board


Changeable Glass Display for Corporate Brochures

Another panoramic display incorporates two sheets of glass that sandwich an inspired arrangement of the company’s marketing brochures, turning corporate literature into eye-capturing art.

Stratford Brochure Glass Display


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Hans Design Art Director Brianne Hans feels confident her company’s work fell into good hands. “Branding signage for corporate office environments requires the right combination of design and implementation. We choose Impact Signs to partner with us on these projects because they deliver creativity, confidence and fast turnaround every time.”

Reach out to us so we can get to work on your Corporate Graphics Signage today!

Stratford Corporate Dry Erase Board
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