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Cretors and Company Unveils Retro Sign

Any company that makes snack and popcorn machines knows that a lot of their audience associates them with a certain time period. Even young people who have no idea the early 1900s even existed knows what vending machines “feel” like.

Luckily, Cretors & Company don’t have to fake this nostalgia. The company has been around since the late 1800s, with Charles Cretors inventing and adapting processes that would become widespread in today’s world. We would not have popcorn in movie theaters today if not for Charles and his entrepreneurship.

Have you ever seen those mobile popcorn wagons? That was Cretors’ idea. It was so revolutionary that in 1988 the US Postal Service issued a stamp that featured an illustration of the 1902 No. 1 model. The USPS issued the stamp to pay tribute to the snack machine that made everything else possible.

Steam, electric, kettles – all manner of machines came and went, making both popcorn and peanuts for millions to enjoy worldwide. And while the designs and technology changed, one thing did not: the ethics to keep creating and making great products to make people happy.

This is ultimately what was behind the creation of this sign, designed by Kurt Mackenzie of Mackenzie Brown Design and based on the company’s new logo. They needed a retro feel to the sign but something that would inspire confidence in going forward, to innovate and create. It also needed to be an amazing office lobby sign that would top off their recent move into a larger space.

You can see the results here:

Cretors 14436169666_6158d1c989_z

As you can see, the logo and sign immediately makes you think of old times, perhaps the 1950s. Upon closer inspection, though, the sign has a forward-thinking mentality to it. Perhaps it’s the slanted edges, or the cool white LED backlighting for halo effect lighting, or even the cursive that doesn’t actually end and just vanishes into the future; whatever the case, it’s not a design that is easily forgotten.

It all started with fabricated aluminum construction to give it that solid, long-lasting look that will hold up for years. We then painted it with a powder coated custom red PMS color that gives the sign a high gloss finish that must be seen in person to be believed.

What was more exciting about making this sign is how timeless it is. Working with a company like Cretors & Company that’s literally shaped part of our modern world and has been doing so for decades was inspiring. The sign could be on Charles Cretors’ original machines or on one made today.

Cretors & Company is also a business that’s kept it “in the family” for generations. Back in 2006 Andrew Cretors took over as the company’s 5th President and picked right back up where his ancestors left off. The company has practically become an American treasure, one that many aren’t aware they enjoy the fruits of all the time.

Hopefully this new sign can help change that in some small way. We look forward to working with Cretors & Company anytime they need work done on signs and branding.

Written by Shabbir Moosabhoy

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