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Glass Donor Wall for Medical College

December 24, 2011 Office Lobby Signs

Glass donor plaques, stainless steel letters, and LED lighting provide a unique donor wall for The Commonwealth Medical College.

TCMC, now Geisinger College of Health Sciences, was established through the grassroots efforts of visionary individuals who understood what a community based medical school would bring to a region – and worked to make it a reality. Their goal was to provide more physicians and improved healthcare resources for the people of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Tcmc Donor Glass Wall LED

To show appreciation and gratitude to the donors whose funding made TCMC a reality, a donor wall was erected in the main lobby of the building.  Working under Quandel Group, TCMC’s General Contractor, Impact Signs designed, produced, and installed a series of etched glass panels on the donor wall, serving as a monument to the generous donors. Additional panels were installed blank for new donors to be added over time as the college grows.

Lighted glass signs for an elegant appearance

Each glass panel, representing various levels of donations, is a low-iron clear finish with all text sandblasted on the reverse side and installed with stainless steel stand offs. In the center of the donor wall is a the college name and thank you message in brushed stainless steel letters. The donor wall also serves as an inspiration for current students and faculty to see the support they have and also to inspire future donors. The wall covering is a glass bead texture, and when lighting from underneath hits it, the glass beads produce a unique lighting effect. LED lighting from the top and sides also serve to illuminate the etched names in the glass plaques. Each project we review uniquely to find the best option for material, cost, and appearance – contact us about your donor project to begin!

Tcmc Lighted Glass Donor Panel TCMC Lighted Glass Detail


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