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McKissack and McKissack Relocates

June 2, 2014 Office Lobby Signs

It’s safe to say that architecture, construction, and engineering are predominantly male-dominated industries. So when there’s not only a woman owned organization but also a minority owned organization that specializes in all these fields, they’re going to stand out.

It’s even cooler when they’re taking over these industries and making them their own!

McKissack & McKissack, which has offices in Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and several other cities, was recently ranked by Engineering News-Record as one of top 100 construction management firms in the United States. They manage over $15 billion in construction projects and they pride themselves on their diversity in projects.

So we knew we had our work cut out for us when they contacted us about relocating an office sign. It was a sign we had made for them some years ago but still looked good as new. This isn’t a company that would ignore even the tiniest mistakes so we had to make sure the sign looked equally as stunning in the new location.

And there was a lot to get right. The sign was perfectly weighted and there was amazing light on the polished aluminum letters on brushed aluminum with custom puzzle fit backer sign to point out the amazing design and letters that pop right out at you. The sign shows its construction roots but also shows the smart people behind the operations.

We knew we had to replicate the effect on the new wall after everything was back in order. Since we were simply uninstalling and reinstalling the sign, we could take pains to make sure it looks exactly the same. In fact, we hoped we could make it better than ever.

McKissack Office Sign After

Above is the sign in it’s new home. Now that the office is finished with the renovations, the sign completes the revamped look.

We even were able to reweigh the sign to allow for the healthy plant you see in the picture, giving the office space a fresh new vibe. Working around the curved wall was a challenge, but it turned out great in the end!

One of the most fun aspects of working on this project was that McKissack & McKissack loved our sign so much they specifically wanted to relocate instead of crafting a new sign. It’s great to see our products lasting so long and becoming a beloved part of a company’s identity.

We wish McKissack & McKissack good luck in the future as they continue to dominate the competition in the architecture, construction, and other fields they work in.

Written by Shabbir Moosabhoy

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