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UIC Department of Opthalmology Department Chairs Plaques

March 26, 2014 Plaques

Many schools, especially colleges and universities, show off their history when they’re able. It resonates with new students and alumni alike knowing that the school they attend or attended is rich with knowledge and tradition. Seeing this tradition and history every day also gives them a sense of pride knowing they’re part of a storied tradition.

The Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary at UIC Department of Ophthalmology knew all this when they contacted Impact Signs about making a giant showpiece for their wall of current and former Department Chairs. They wanted to show students and alumni alike the people who went before them and who’s taking care of their needs now.


As you can see, this is an amazing piece everyone who walks through the halls of the UIC Department of Ophthalmology will enjoy for years to come. With cut stainless steel letters, etched stainless steel photo plaques, walnut wood backers, and acrylic panel logo signs, the display is a testament to the professionalism and care that goes into curating the healers of tomorrow.

Laurie Walker, who was tasked with completing the project for UIC, says, “I took over a complex project at work which became more complex each step of the way. Impact Signs met every challenge with an uncommon degree of cooperation, enthusiasm and expertise.”

One of the standouts of the piece is the quote from founding Chairman Edward L. Holmes:


“May each of you grow old in the service of others.”

These raised stainless steel letters pop out at anyone viewing the display. Every day they walk by seeing the underlying message of the university they attend: the reason you are here is to help others. What a great sentiment and philosophy to live your life by!

Project Manager Shannon Fry says, “I was honored to work on this plaque. UIC is obviously a university that takes educating future doctors seriously and this project was a way to honor that.”

This project was also unique as it incorporated many details – the photo plaques, the raised letters, official signs of Illinois Eye and UIC, as well as the entire acrylic panel cover and wood backing. There were a lot of elements but she was able to pull it all together for one cohesive idea. Without her attention to detail and coordination it may have fallen apart entirely!

“Impact helped me with each aspect of the project,” Walker says, “taking time to review art files, suggesting materials, working out payment details, installation details, etc. Every communication we had was positive and productive. The installed exhibit exceeded all of my expectations. It is stunning.

“Thank you Impact! Consider this a big bouquet of flowers.”

As you can see in the pictures, there are a few slots left for future Department Chairs to add their pictures. We were honored to work with the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary at UIC Department of Ophthalmology on this project.

Written by Shabbir Moosabhoy

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