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Steel Lobby Signs Earn Rave Reviews in Chicago

Not kidding! Impact Signs installed eye-catching lobby signs this month at Chicago’s legendary Second City comedy theatre.

In a related article, a critic who recently visited the attraction used terms like “edgy and sharp,” and we immediately assumed he was talking about our metal signage. Turns out, he was referring to the talent.

But that’s fine with us, because Impact Signs is honored to have been chosen by The Second City to provide the stainless steel signs in time to celebrate the theatre’s 50th anniversary. We’re guessing they’re planning to be around another 50 years, because our metal signs are designed to last practically forever.

Second City Chicago Lobby Stainless Steel sign

We need to put this story into perspective in order for you to truly appreciate the magnitude of creating lobby signage for such a renowned client. The Second City folks are no strangers to excellence. They have produced some of TV’s most notable comedians … John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Steve Carell, and the
list goes on. The process for choosing a company to manufacture their interior identity had to be treated with careful consideration. When we met with the staff there, the discovery process enabled them to see several samples of projects we had completed to date. It didn’t take long to demonstrate our attention to quality and detail. And in the end, the folks there truly loved the finished product. In fact, they were so impressed, they ordered a metal logo sign for their Los Angeles office, too! Second City also has an office in Toronto, so we’re looking forward to crossing the border soon!

Logo signs and Theatre names and more!

In addition to the lobby stainless steel logo sign, we were asked to help with signs to recognized named theatre’s in the building. Acrylic panel signs with Raised Brushed metal letters were the perfect fit for a couple reasons. Firstly, if the naming rights change, Second City wanted a way to be able to alter the name without a large installation issue and secondly, they wanted to keep the look of the signs similar throughout the location. A little sign improv by the sales staff brought us to brushed metal letters on acrylic panel to keep the signage very modern as well as match the metal finish that was existing on the lobby logo signage.

Second City Acrylic Panel Sign

The next time you find yourself strolling down a sidewalk in the vicinity of Wells St. and North Ave. in Chicago, stop in to The Second City for a laugh (we mean to see a comedy performance … our lobby signage  isn’t nearly as funny). But be sure to give the signs a look while you’re there.

Second City Acrylic Panel with Metal Letters Detail


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