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Johnson Law Office Signage – Chicago, IL

When Chicago based firm Johnson Law contacted us about making their new signs, we knew we had a special challenge ahead of us. The law firm has a unique branding that conveys wisdom as well as youthful vigor – combining old and new school mentality and practices. We knew their corporate law office signs had to reflect their specific world view.

Johnson Law asked us to make complete office branding with the firm name, the logo, a custom dry erase board, and a vinyl decal logo that would go on the front entrance window. All of these had to show the personality and professionalism of everyone at the firm.


Here are the final results. As you can see, the logos and designs they submitted fit their branding perfectly and we made sure to make the best of their great ideas.

The signs are made from fabricated aluminum with a brushed finish, meaning they will stand the test of time. As long as Johnson Law is in business (or keeps their current branding) their law office signage will remain in great shape.

The letters for the corporate name sign were cut on a router, ensuring amazing, flawless edges which are then sanded and grained for a brushed finish. The letters are individually constructed in order to make the most use of space once installed in the client’s office.

The backlit logo required a little more work. After the creation of the sign, we added a white LED halo backlighting effect to really make it pop out. As it stands, with its placement, it shows exactly what clients are getting when they walk into Johnson Law: practical, yet in your face service.

Placement can be just as important as making the signs, and we’ve made sure to install Johnson Law’s sign precisely and accurately. The name sign is pin mounted with spacers to float the letters off the wall, adding a “popping” dimensional effect that puts the logo right in clients’ faces.

Using an installation template, we installed the law office signage by drilling holes and setting each letter in place with the pin mounts. Careful consideration was made to take advantage of the space on the law of the office so the logo stands out but doesn’t overwhelm clients’ viewpoints.

We think the combination of Johnson Law’s designs and our law office signs makes an impressive pairing. What could Impact Signs do for your business’ branding and designs?

Fabricated Aluminum Backlit Logo SignJohnson Law - Fabricated Aluminum Corporate Logo - ChicagoJohnson Law - Dry erase Board with Etched Logo on Reverse

Written by: Shabbir Moosabhoy

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