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Metal Lettering for Museum of Wisconsin Art

December 24, 2011 Dimensional Sign Letters

A Museum Worthy Lettering Project Impact Signs, working with Perkins Eastman Architects, produced and installed this brushed and painted aluminum metal lettering and logo on the entrance wall for the Museum of Wisconsin Art. Museum signage must meet architectural standards for materials quality and lasting abilities. We were proud that our metal letters met the...

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Corporate Signage and Branding – Stratford Fidelity, Minneapolis

December 24, 2011 Office Lobby Signs

A Sign Plan for a Financial Planner Stratford Fidelity, an executive and physician benefit solutions provider, recently adorned its walls with the ultimate in informational corporate signage. The company, known for its industry dominance serving top-tier executives, would settle for nothing but state-of-the-art office signage to carry various messages throughout its Minneapolis, Minn. campus. Enter...

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Appropriate Uses for Bronze Memorial Plaques

December 15, 2011 Bronze Plaques

Bronze memorial plaques are a long-lasting way to keep special memories alive Because they are so distinctive and distinguished, bronze memorial plaques ensure that the dedication and remembrance will be recognized far into the future. Plaques are “identity investments” and can be used for various dedication purposes.  Some examples of ways in which plaques are often...

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[How To] Remove Spray Paint From Glass Signs

December 15, 2011 Resources

A glass sign is beautiful until paint is sprayed on it, either accidentally or due to vandalism. Luckily, errant spray paint can be removed from glass, with the use of the right materials, some elbow grease, and a little patience. The materials needed can all be found at your local hardware store or within your own home....

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How To Refurbish and Restore A Bronze Memorial Plaque

December 15, 2011 Plaques Resources

A Maintenance Plan for Lasting Shine Because bronze is a copper alloy, time and weather conditions cause bronze plaques to become dull and eventually form a green patina on the surface. While some people like the look of an aged bronze plaque, many would prefer to keep it looking the way it did on the day it...

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Corporate Sign Language Resource Guide

December 15, 2011 Resources

Sign Language Resource Guide for the Office The disabled are faced with a wide range of challenges to lead a full life. The disabled are faced with obstacles in hearing, vision and accessibility. The hearing impaired face challenges that are unique to them in that they are not able to communicate by speech. One method that hearing...

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A Guide to Orienteering : Follow The Custom Signs

December 15, 2011 Exterior Signs Resources

Use Your Map, Follow the Signs The modern sport of orienteering has it’s roots in Europe, over 120 years ago. Generally, the word orienteering means and any type of map navigation contest where you are working against a clock or other players. Orienteering first emerged in word usage in 1886, referring to the use of...

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